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Rules of The Road

  • Cyclists must ride with the flow of the traffic and reasonably close to the right side of the road. Exceptions to this rule include passing a slower vehicle to its left, preparing to make a left turn, conditions which make it unsafe for another vehicle traveling the same direction to pass (such as narrow bridge or roadway). Where roads are wide enough to allow safe travel of two bicycles side-by-side, be mindful of road users approaching from behind and yield right of way if unduly holding up traffic.


  • Cyclists must obey all signs and signals designed to regulate traffic flow, including stop signs, yield signs, traffic lights, and road markings. In addition, cyclists must follow the directions of police officers who may be controlling traffic.


  • Cyclists must use appropriate hand signals to indicate left and right turns and slowing or stopping - communicating intentions to other road users.


  • Cyclists are encouraged to warn other cyclists traveling behind by pointed out (and verbally as needed) debris on the road and other hazards and to maintain a safe distance between other cyclists.

  • This is NOT a closed-road event. Share the road and expect motorized-vehicles and other road users to be present.

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